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Referral B2B Opportunity

Merchant Goldmine provides valuable incentives for you to refer your clients or associates to us.  As a Registered Referral Source, you may receive the benefits of having up to 5 of your clients linked to this site under your name.  You may also request a link to this site as a B2B service consumer.  You do not need a referral code to be listed as a B2B service consumer or service model.

For service providers, this will result in more traffic to your clients, which will most likely benefit your organization, as well, especially if you are an eCommerce provider or a provider of web design or hosting services.  Having several clients listed under your company name will also demonstrate the success of your organization. 

To become a Registered Referral Source complete the Link Request form..

In response, you will receive a Referral Code which you will give to each of your clients when referring them to the Merchant Goldmine site.  The client will visit the site and complete the Link Request form.  The client should be advised to complete this form and identify the Referral Code in the appropriate place on the form.  Without this code, we will not be able to track the referral back to your organization.  If you have already received a Referral Code by e-mail, please complete the form and include your Referral Code.

When your client submits the completed form, the client's web site will be linked to the Merchant Goldmine web site directly beneath your link.  Your link will be placed in an appropriate page on the Merchant Goldmine web site based on the type of services you provide.

If you do not provide B2B services, and have not been contacted by a service provider with a Referral Code, please submit the Link Request form without a referral code.  Try to identify the types of services your web site demonstrates as a model.  This service may be your web hosting provider, web designer, or merchant account processor or sales agency, for example.  You may also contact the provider of these services and ask them to request a link as a B2B service provider.

This is an ideal opportunity for merchant account sales organizations (ISO's) and processors, as well as web hosts and designers!  E-commerce transaction gateways and eCommerce consultants will also benefit by this opportunity.  Keep in mind that your clients will be given the opportunity to be linked on this web site on their own volition.  The client will benefit directly and the referral source will benefit indirectly.  It's up to the client to complete the link request form.  It's a win-win B2B opportunity!

A good strategy may be to encourage all new clients to visit this site in order to boost their productivity at the onset.  This way they will be more likely to maintain their business relationship with your organization.  Another strategy may be to contact some clients who have not been productive in the past and apparently need some help.  Merchant Goldmine may be able to pump some life into these clients before they drop off the deep end!

Merchant Goldmine reserves the right to exclude links to sites with sexual content or any type of offensive or illegal content.  Merchant Goldmine will inspect all sites before establishing a link.

In summary, to become a Registered Referral Source, all you need to do is complete the Link Request form.




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More resources and information are added to this site every few days.  Be sure to bookmark this site before you leave today.  If you know of a source of information or link that could benefit our visitors, please use the Link Request form.

Link requests will be evaluated based on the benefit to E-Commerce entrepreneurs, the quality of the site, reciprocation options, and other criteria including monetary benefit.  Current links will be re-evaluated periodically.

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